-S- vs MsA and Sword and D-W and TIC-X and DU30 Spam Thread

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    Ikariam team

    • TheOneNero wrote:

      ya I'd gladly send u the message, and after the message our fellow players start receiving notifications that u guys were cancelling all ur cts with us

      That is the message Jesse sent. He was personally cancelling CTs with MsA, nothing about our alliance doing so. Lmao. So really you guys started mass-cancelling with us.
    • Will you really had to make this thread hahaha

      To settle a few things down ,

      We had never intended to spy on you guys lmao , the things went down like this .

      We saw you guys declared war on what we left remaining of ER , at that time we saw potential on you guys , we saw fighters and people wanting to play the game with some degree of seriousnes ,
      During that time Atlanta , one of the members of our council shared with us a screenshot of his Multi Account J-Roc , being INVITED
      to join MsA , at the time we laughed about it and told him to go ahead and infiltrate .
      We had the picture of MsA having potential to be fighters so we decided that atlanta could infiltrate and teach you guys a lot of stuff that you guys were probablly missing cause altho you dont admit it , nor like it . We do have the knowledge of tactics and mechanics that you guys dont , and im not being arrogant by saying that . It is more arrogant to not accept it .
      Anyways , continuing :
      At the time we were bulding ourselves a rival , wether you beleive it or not its your choice .

      Jokingly we said that probably with how much atlanta was helping he would be invited to the council ,
      And to the SURPRISE of all of use he did get invited to the council after the war with ER was over .

      After a few days of Atlanta having succesfully infiltrated the council we realized most of MsA allaiance , wasnt very active , nor knowledgable . Wich is understandable for newer players , again . Not using any rude tones , just being realistic.
      The big flaw tho , was when we relized things were bound to stay the same .
      When J-Roc pointed out things that MsA should change or do differently he was ignored most of the time or just had his feedback dissmised .
      HE really did try to teach you guys the ways ,

      We got upset and dissapointed in the fact that there was not much attitude to change , to learn .
      You guys keep calling us rude and dissrespectful. Again , we talk in a very honest and straight forward way . There wont be a single Savage speaking with insults or being toxic , that is one of the core things to even be considered for membership in savage .
      At the end of the days we in Savage have pretty much accepted our role as Antagonist in this server , the server isnt big enough to have friends outside of our own alliance either way and we are totally fine with that . We love the enviroment that we have inside of the alliance.

      And as a side thing , every player in the management and leadership of savage , has a large background of gaming seriously and competitevly , from more RTS , RPG games , MOBA and FPS games , we do not look at this game casually like most of the players do , is it a large game ? no it isnt and maybe not the bets to take seriously but me like other players have a degree of love for this game cause we used to play it when we were much younger , i played back on 2008 and now im back .
      This is the only reason we try to teach the most effective ways of fighting and farming cause thats the most optimal strategy .
      I guess sadly the game isnt big enough anymore to be competitive .

      Anyways , War times are amazing guys , it brings a fire again to your alliance and to your chats , the boards are already sparking back to life at least a little bit .
      And i love to see that

      Good Luck and Good battles !

      Savage General Aben .
      -S- General

      Be savage , Not Average :beer: :beer: :beer:
    • no I'm saying he join before the war and it didn't take long before we found out he was a spy, but yes we invited him and he and up joining the council but no one listened to him because he was a spy and the council on the founders room learned he was spy because we faked a attack on savage to draw him out he defend u guys and the info got out and since we only announced it in our council room it was quick to eliminate the spy on the room reason why he was invited to our "council room" to find out if our suspicion was true...... And guess what it was.
      • :missilelauncher: Ur gonna carry that
    • you don't have to try so hard to convince us you found out he was a spy and kicked him out, We remember. We read the message you sent him, and the message you sent to your alliance afterward, saying how you didn't want it to be true, but it was, and how he was an "Enemy of the State" now, and open for pillaging. Pretty sure no one ever did pillage him, though.

      Maybe Aben was off on his dates, but he was giving you the true story from our perspective. I know, I remember reading each and every one of your Discord posts for weeks and weeks on end.

      God, I miss them.

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au
    • i mean ,

      we never intended on staying on the alliance for the long run nor to benefit from it , again . We were bulding a rival . We dont need to spy you guys to win a war , we will just do it anyways ,

      At leas twe got some good laughs at your conversations haha , also some good info as well

      ill leave the topic for the peace now , good luck in the battlefield
      -S- General

      Be savage , Not Average :beer: :beer: :beer:
    • i respect the fact that you dedicate so much time in this game and although atlanta was trying to help us he didnt achieve much. I myself was practically a noob when i started this account and i still am(mostly with forum stuff). But i have helped more people learn the war game then atlanta has although according to you guys i'm a noob. Also i have helped players from S multiple times when they didn't understand stuff ingame. We help small new players with advice and resources while you slow their progress with forcing insane military standerds. We may not do things the best way but i believe that everyone who's active in our alliance is very happy with the way we do things.