-S- vs MsA and Sword and D-W and TIC-X and DU30 Spam Thread

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    Ikariam team

    • Shhh, don't tell anybody Phandalver, we don't want this to get out....

      But we don't think you are noobs. We may not agree with the way you do everything you do, and we think there are certain aspects of the game that you still need to work on (who doesn't) but if we really thought you guys were all that bad, we wouldn't be bothering with you at all.

      All along our hopes were that you guys might, just might, have the heart to actually be some good competition.

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au
    • As futile said, we don't necessarily think you guys are bad, there a a few things we do differently and that's okay, but there are also mechanics in battles that you guys do not know, and not only you guys, when we battled duo we realized most of them didn't either, once we battle you guys will see a couple things we do

      Also economy we play it differently and have more efficient strategies,

      And to respond to the military requirements comment since I also saw a comment like that in your discord hahaha, no. We do not force any kind of military requirements, I am the general and I personally created the requirements as I also create specially design armies for this players in savage who message me saying they can't sustain it but they would love to be involved, when they show that spark and attitude to be involved, I design an army for their needs and capabilities, we are not a dictatorship and you can ask anyone inside of S and nobody will talk bad about it.

      Good luck and I hope war teaches you guys stuff and maybe later we have a better fight
      -S- General

      Be savage , Not Average :beer: :beer: :beer:
    • Luckily for us, we don't depend on CTs for happiness. We realized a long time ago there were not enough player for that :P

      Also, Mr. Snarky, our member are the kind of players that would choose to have at least that kind of army at all times anyway, and have the economy to handle much more with ease. Just sayin...

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au
    • Phandalver wrote:

      Lol then i suggest that you change your external alliance page because they talk about strict military requirements.
      Also how's it going with your ct's?
      Directly quoted from external page:"Exceptions may be made after contacting our General.[i]" [/i]
      I never had CTs outside of the alliance, they're not reliable enough for my playstyle. When I want to attack a player I can't always wait 3 days. If our members struggle with happiness they will be provided resources to upgrade taverns. So don't worry about that.
    • Pepe el Pollo wrote:

      I said that is BS your reason for starting the war, and that at least you could give them the time to obtain some sulfur and make soldiers. And yes you should give them at leats 48 hours because just a small army of 300 SG and 2000 Sword man takes 40 hours. Not counting the boats that takes 20 minutes each.

      What I said before is that you are talking to much about respect and English and nonsense.
      At least you can insult each other properly :)

      Or just wait to post the CRs

      Understood ?
      When I played before on another server 5 yrs ago it was normal that you had to post your intentions of WAR with 24 hrs notice not 12 hrs.... guess the rules have changed...or someone is scared...
    • You know what Sir Lancelot, its true. Savage is scared,

      We are scared that Dyonysos is slipping into that slow cold death that all the previous servers have experienced, We are scared that today's Ikariam player is more concerned about how high he can build his town hall than how well he can learn the ins and outs of this game, and how his knowledge and ability compares to his peers.

      But I want to thank you and Sword alliance. You have not complained, or tried to hide, or even lied to us. You have just started attacks, and put up a fight, and even posted a nice CR, too.

      I respect that. Good luck and fight on.

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au
    • Lol it's part of the game, I had to use it because it was first day of war and it was only 20% not 100%. You still did more damage in that attack so I'm not sure why you are upset about it, I only used it so that I can keep the port because it was my town lol
    • @Mask and @Phandalver, Atlanta is not complaining that you used the Colossus. Its a tool you have at your disposal to help you control the battle and put the odds in your favor. If you want to use it, by all means, use it.

      I think what he is trying to say is, if you don't use it, then there will be better, larger, more involved battles with much more "amazing" CRs.

      The more you engage us in battle, the more damage will be done. Not only will doing more damage end the war more quickly, but also it give you a better shot at winning. Furthermore, the more you fight us, the more you will learn our techniques and strategies, and then you can use that knowledge to not only improve your own skills, but to devise better tactics to be used against us.

      We are not looking to destroy you, or embarrass you with this war. We are looking to fight you, and we're hoping those fights will be hard fought and exciting. We are happy to come to you, we are happy to allow you to pick any spot you like for a showdown. I am sure we'd be happy to allow you the time to prepare and defend your location(s) in anyway you choose if it means you will stand up and give it your best shot.

      We are happy to just stick to search and destroy too, if you like the unplanned battles better.

      How you respond to this war is up to you. Even if you never engage us in battle again, eventually the damage goals will be met, and the war will end. Your alliance will survive it, and nothing will have been lost but time and effort.

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au

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