Traders! Let me tell you about the Ny Trade Corporation (TRADE)

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    Ikariam team

    • Traders! Let me tell you about the Ny Trade Corporation (TRADE)

      Hello All,

      For those who don't know me, my friends call me Mos. I have been an Ikariam player for so long I can't even remember exactly when I started.
      I have always been a supplier and a trader. When I started, I sucked at fighting, and found I was better at managing my alliance's supply lines during war.
      This birthed what would eventually become the MosCo Market Network.

      MosCo is verifiably Ikariam's first true In-Game Business. It's designed for taking produced and purchased stock, dividing it out amongst several retail locations, and generating profit. It has been a staggering success over the years, achieving exactly what I had hoped to countless times. I currently can see 60% of the total servers islands, in the most densely populated region of the map. Because of this, MosCo has access to at least 80% of the total offers available on the entire server, at anytime through 13 Locations across the server

      However, I have become a madman determined to take those successes to an unheard of level, and I can't do it alone.

      This is why I have created the Ny Trade Corporation on the Ny Server.

      The Ny Trade Corporation or Ny TradeCorp (TRADE), is designed to be an umbrella organization to house separate Trade Operations and streamline the ability for them to connect with customers and work together to accomplish things a stand alone trader would be unable to do.

      TRADE will operate as a one stop for customers to find any and all resources and arms they can afford. This has been talked about many times by many skilled traders.... but I have yet to see it successfully pulled off.

      I, MosXerO, believe I can find the right people to make this happen, and make Ikariam History.

      If your a skilled Trader/Dealer on the Ny Server, contact me directly in game. If your a skilled trader and not on Ny, but are interested in skills to our organization, contact me on here. I am willing and capable to invest in putting the right trader in the right market.


      However, any and all skilled and established traders are welcome.
    • Interesting. I love a good ingame business.

      I do not play in Ny, but if you have an extra account laying around or wouldn't mind me setting up a noob account and working at MosCo, I would be happy to learn from the Professor of Trade and Supply.

      And/Or, you can help my alliance in Boreas set up the Boreas TradeCorp, under the MosCo Trade umbrella.


      PS, I've developed a few schemes of my own in this game and others. I organized a galactic farmer's market guild with market locations at the center of the map in the game. Additionally, my alliance has Alliance Banks, Arms Dealerships, and has invested in upgrading wonders for our members to access them with War Mobiles.

      I'm sure you could even sell Capture Point supplies as well, if you get enough suppliers in this category and can amass an army to protect the resources incase someone tries to steal from you.

      In the case of Arms Dealership: note that you can sell Population as well! By selling spearmen which can be dismissed by the owner to quickly refill population.

      Great business for facilitating wars in a server!! (if those servers are still look at the Server merge thread in spam. If we were in the same server, via server merge, I'd add my assets to yours and build the MosCo Trade into an internationally known business in Ikariam)

      Also get into the CT facilitation business!

      And GOLD: by buying resources from players. As gold is something that players don't manage well enough during wars and always need lots of it to run their armies...while at the same time Traders have tons of gold that would be well received by alliances. In which case you may be able to act as the Iron Bank (reference) and hire out an alliance to act as your mercenary protection service - who can collect debts by pillaging players that have not paid back their credit.

      All this would facilitate excellent gameplay and so I will likely do this on my own server because it sounds like fun!

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    • YES!!!!!!!!!

      G - Are you kidding me!??!?! This guy gets it!

      Knuckles - We are kindred spirits my friend. I have no spare accounts, but if your interested, I'll talk to my more hermit like friends and see if there's any kicking around. As for joining boreas to aid in expanding the TradeCorp brand, I'm interested. We'll talk more on this privately.

      I like your idea about "selling" capture points, but I think the organization required to maintain it would be complicated to ensure. To be fair, I had never really thought of that idea, kudos to you. I've never partaken in piracy with any sort of effort so a lot of it is lost on me.

      Not to brag, MosCo has offered spearmen based population restoration for over 5yrs lol but great minds think alike :D

      And your absolutely right about the kind of player influencing and networking a large scale trade operation can have. One of the things I used to love doing was offering to fund development of an alliance's active small members as a means to foster a greater trust, which usually translated to them acting as unofficial reps within their alliances, giving me more business.... and players who start out relying on the Trading Post for growth tend to remain active users later on. It's like tobacco, get 'em while they're young! Also, just having a consistent source of purchasable goods that's reliable is great for any new player getting into the game.

      Of course, there are also the more nefarious things too... The old sell to both sides is a great way to profit during war is a classic. There's also undercutting another war bankers prices or investigating who their customers are and offering them delicious trade agreements to steal them away. Never to disrupt a rival trader, even though it would work just the same, I have "hired" merks and placed damage bounties on hostile payers in the past.

      CT Facilitation is another great idea as well. This has always been a byproduct of connecting with so many players... but offering it as a service is something I had not considered. I think I'm going to adopt this, and you can gladly assume credit for it.

      I'm always looking at new features to offer through MosCo. Originally, before it was branded, MosCo started 6yrs ago as a war bank supply system for my alliance because gold mismanagement was the one thing that always hurt us in wars. 3 Locations with crappy load times and 5k of everything but wood, to a Market Network of 13 locations with up to 1.95 million in available goods, including wood lol. Population restoration, development aid, private order brokering, and the MosCo Current Price Report.

      Fun Facts:
      The MosCo Current Price Report, or MCPR, has existed for over 5yrs. Originally started on the Rho Spam Board, it became the most viewed thread on that board before being archived due to the closing of Rho. The 2nd MCPR post merge on the Omikron Spam, became the 2nd most viewed thread before the archive.

      After Omikron, Ny became the home of MosCo. With only 7 locations at the time, the first 24hrs produced 4.6 million in sales from 37 different transactions involving 21 different players
    • We can definitely collaborate.

      I've been working on most of my projects with my own alliance. Got some good guys that back me up and allow me to try things even when they're failures.

      Additionally, I like mapping everything out on spreadsheets and seeing where everyone is on a map. Should you need help graphing your suppliers, markets, etc. I've always thought of having a resource bank in locations near concentrations of members. I even have Battle Groups at one point so that my members could manage their own supply, defense, and offenses in their territories, but we never had the numbers for it to work efficiently nor the discipline - which you get when players are onboard with being a part of an organization like MosCo.

      Feel free to shoot me a pm on the forum or we can chat on the discord channel:
    • Where the frack have you been the past year or so Mos?

      You just disappeared off the face of the server and the planet

      Also you never quite reached 1st in trade score for any length of time whilst you were around so what's your approach coming back into the game after all this time? Because showy posts on mostly dead boards won't do much. That's a reality

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • Hey Spidey,

      I was wondering when my return was gonna provoke you lol Good to see old habits never die :D

      I had family issues to tend to and didnt have the focus to play.

      And your right, I have barely ever been the #1 Trade Score, but a fully operational MosCo makes me a contender everytime. Plus, I dont care what my score is, thats not why I do what I do. Its all about being the best option for goods, and connecting with the community.

      Also, dead boards or not, promotion on the forum always has a positive effect. If you could see my pm's, you'd get it lol