The State of TRADE

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    Ikariam team

    • The State of TRADE

      #1 :The State of TRADE Report is presented by Ny TradeCorp (TRADE)

      We don't just Trade. We are TRADE!
      Ny TradeCorp
      ** Shameless Corporate Slogan Achievement Unlocked**

      Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out the official newsletter of Ny TradeCorp. Our mission at TRADE is to create an unmatched source for all your trading needs. Now, full disclosure, we are sill in build mode, and are currently seeking large scale producers of everything. So if your a solo trader, or even a tagged one *wink wink* who has built one of those 1 resource specific empires... you know those hoarders, the ones with like 7 or 8 wine colonies or marble colonies....

      I love those guys! I want them to join me and get rich off all my shameless advertising of what we will be able to make Ny TradeCorp possible of together!

      Same goes for struggling arms dealers, in dire need of a wider customer base. Can you build an army and wanna get rich? Contact me and together we will make it rain Gold and Mortars!

      Also, TRADE is also accepting in-house brawlers, reinforced with exclusive access to all things TRADE has to offer, to act as a security team. While supply/defense agreements are effective, and in-house squad would be preferred. Things quiet at TRADE, Merk yourself out with our blessing, and we'll create a Dial-A-Merk Division of TradeCorp and make you a Board member.

      Point is, if you are picking up what I'm laying.. you like the cut of this jib.. Message me and we'll talk business.

      Oh Yeah...

      The MosCo Market Network, is Officially Reopen!!!

      MCPR: All Location
      Ny Buys MosCo!!!

      6g -
      6g -
      7g -
      7g -
      7g -

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    • #2 :The State of TRADE Report is presented by Ny TradeCorp (TRADE)

      We don't just Trade. We are TRADE!
      Ny TradeCorp

      A big thank you goes out to all those customers stopping by your friendly neighbourhood MosCo. The first few days since the ReLaunch of MosCo have been a staggering success. So much so that I even receive threats about how low my prices were.

      Everyone... Be Cool.. Obviously if the market is floating at higher prices because demand dictated it, MosCo will follow suit. I am limited by ships and travel time just like everybody else, but unlike most everyone else I am spread out for max distribution. I have to follow supply and demand in order to maintain the daily goods guarantee.

      Ny Buys MosCo!
      MCPR: All Locations
      6g -
      7g -
      8g -
      7g -
      8g -
    • #3 :The State of TRADE Report is presented by Ny TradeCorp (TRADE)

      We don't just Trade. We are TRADE!
      Ny TradeCorp

      Greetings to you all, you magnificent server. We at Ny TradeCorp have experienced great success since our launch as well as growth in our personnel. Thank you all for your parts in making TRADE at top 3 Trade Score Organization.

      For those out there looking for resources, either in a local market or connecting with a bulk supplier with a Trade Treaty...

      Ny TradeCorp has what you need, so please contact us though the (Diplomat) Customer Hotline In-game if your ready to get hooked up :thumbsup:



      7g -
      7g -
      9g -
      8g -
      8g -
      ** Due to substantial customer activity, prices have
      risen in accordance with the worship
      of the diety, Supplius En'Demandus **

      ** There will be a suspension of services
      at MosCo next weekend, as I will be on vacation **

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    • Quick Note:

      Since the Ikariam Discord Community won't let me share my invite link, and I don't think I'm breaking any rules by passing it along on the boards.....

      Here's the official Ny TradeCorp Customer Service Hotline Discord Channel... damn thats a mouthful

      ** Thanks to 7marre, the Invite is now a pin message within the Ny server chat on Discord!!
    • From the Desk of NY Trade Corporation CEO, MosXerO

      Dear Customers,

      I regret to inform you that several E.T. Stonenstuff locations may be experiencing *blockouts due to aggression from the player G men of VEX.

      This dispute has arisen over pricing. We at Ny TradeCorp pride ourselves in our ability to help make sure that when a player needs resources, we're there... and for a reasonable price. Often, we experience problems with players operating trade-based war banking fighting accounts, or old established players questing for a certain gold level who feel our pricing hurts their ability to sell overpriced goods in their regions.

      **See Wedding Dog's 2017 full scale blockade of MosCo**

      So, to our loyal customers, we apologize for the inconvenience. We're sorry that there are players out there who think they have the right to make you pay more for resources, and that we at Ny TradeCorp haven't yet hired the appropriate in house security to deal with this problems yet. Just know, everyday I am working towards securing a safer future for TRADE and it's operations.

      Thank you for your patronage and patience.

    • From the Head of Research and Development, BadManS


      We at NY Trade Corporation have always, and will always, aim to keep market prices for resources at reasonable prices and competitive levels. Whether you are a big account or a small account, veteran or beginner, you can always trust us to provide the best service when trading.

      There are those who wish that this was not the case; they wish to monopolize certain markets for their own gain and greatly increase their profits & they will try to stop anyone that gets in their way. This behavior will not be tolerated.

    • #4 :The State of TRADE Report is presented by Ny TradeCorp (TRADE)

      We don't just Trade. We are TRADE!
      Ny TradeCorp

      Dear Customers,

      If you've been paying attention, you should be aware that members of TRADE are currently being targeted militaristically over a trade pricing dispute that the aggressor had made personal, because of our refusal to kneel to his undeserved belief he is in anyway of the status to tell us how to handle our business.

      I'm not gonna go through the usual speech about remaining dedicated to provide the best service possible... because you already know that, it's what we do.

      Customers can expect rolling Blockouts at random MosCo locations, depending on which of Wedding Dog/G Men (same player) draws his ire that day lol. Recently Riverock was blocked, followed by Clearvue today. I expect more, maybe even a full service blockage at some point, but I'll keep ya posted.

      TRADE VP of R&D, BadManS has also experience issues, as well as Board Member and E.T. Stonenstuff Exports proprietor E Thomas.

      You have our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

      Market Note: There is a severe shortage, server wide, of available crystal, and demand at MosCo has been High, so I've had to bump it.

      Ny Buys MosCo!
      MCPR: All Locations
      7g -
      7g -
      9g -
      9g -
      8g -

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    • Do you really think anyone is going to believe our feud is over market prices... lol
      You are an insulting, name calling, liar who in the above threads has already called me a goon & a d-bag. But there is NO excuse for making a derogatory comment over a game regarding someone’s parents... and because you did in one of your messages, may my parents RIP, you have made an enemy of me for as long as we play this game!
      I have nothing against your TRADE alliance or its prices! I just signed a CT with Bluepawz, BadManS & I have ended hostilities, I have told E Thomas he was only attacked because you more or less dared me to do it and R Sherman & I are talking as well. It leaves only you and yes, I’ll be back just about every day!
      Your pitiful talk defines your character!
      This will be my only post. I trusted people to have more sense even before my post then to think this was about market prices... lmao, but now they know the truth... it’s because there is no end to your mouth!
    • wow.

      Your dedication to exagerating claims to justify the fact that your a bully who harasses weaker players is outstanding. I dont need to lie about this situation, I have been honest the entire time.

      Best part is, anyone reading this can go back on the spamboard and see that your claim of me insulting your parents was apologized for A YEAR AND A HALF AGO! The last time your were a jerk to me. And that insult wasnt even an insult, i said your parents should be ashamed of you. As soon as you stated they were dead, I promptly apologized. I lost my mom to suicide a very years back and i know thew pain of loss to well. We buried this....

      And then I return from hiatus a month ago, reopen my trade organization.... And low and behold

      Also, you make it sounds like I started this. Both times, you initiated this by threatening me and my members over pricing, then attacking me. THEN YOU GET UPSET BECAUSE I CALL YOU A GOON OR A DBAG?!?!?! Your acting like one.

      Truth is, without your BS aggression towards me, trying to fix prices higher, there would be no issue. I didnt go after you, you came after me... And are still doing it because I cant beat you militaristically

      Im not built to fight you, and i refuse to do so. Your refusal to leave me alone is obsessive and ignorant.

      Why else would you waste time going after me? Why dont you try staying to fight a real fighter for once instead running away.

      And you talked to all the other members of TRADE because they can fight... Thats the real reason. You can't face real threats, so you harass me.

      Leave me alone man. Get a new hobby and stop lying to justify a conflict YOU started. My hands are clean in this. Ive said my sorrys for my old mistakes, and I owe you nothing more.

      Players like you ruin the game man. Anyone who takes pride in trying to force people out of the game is sad.

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    • Yeah, cuz your not an obsessed bully at all, right?

      I feel bad for you.... How crappy must your life be to have goals like this?

      Might I recommend counselling for your issues. Seriously, jokes aside, mental healthcare is important and I hope you can be better one day.
    • Or, more likely...

      Its obvious you have anger issues and believe that you can be a bully to people, and that those people have no right to comment.

      Difference between you and me is your making a job out of trying to make someone quit, and im asking you to leave me alone because I dont want to fight you. I havent attacked you, your attacking me.

      Also, youve already stated your goal is to hound me until one of our games end. Youve blocked all my ports before, what else can you really do to me?

      TradeCorp was designed to keep me involved regardless if my ports are open or not.

      Your game may be war, but mine is communication, and theres nothing you can do to stop that. Even without MosCo, I can still play my game...

      If you really wanted to prove something, youd man up and take me on in Trading. Everyone knows youve got the army advantage over me... but you know you cant beat me at the biz.
    • Hmm a Trade War? I get enough of that in real life.... why do I have to see it here in Ikariam? Interesting to see you back though Mos. Kind of went awol awhile back along with my usual source of Marble. I retired some time back but had I kept going, I'd be finishing up a massive 12+ month project. Good luck to both sides.
    • King moved on from Ny simply because he had so many worlds he had gone to that he either simply lost track or Ny was no longer interesting to him. Whether he's still playing I don't know. If he is, he probably still has an account on either Alpha or Beta(forget which one he was on) and perhaps one of the "newer" worlds that's all but dead lol. I went insane from Warehouse upgrades at about the midway point(aka July). How people did them back pre 3.0(aka 2.8) I'll never know. Had I kept going, I'd be finishing up right about now and all I know is that my set-up worked if I had someone willing to trade or outright sell Marble to me on a daily basis(and Sulfur, Crystal for Palace/GR's, Spies and Temple upgrades when I needed it).

      I'm not bringing back the old Winery business because my account is gone(not ghosted but gone) and I have no plans on remaking it on Ny. If I do decide to step back into the Ikariam arena, it will likely be on a brand new world like the new special one they're setting up tomorrow with faster Trade Ships(basically a free Poseidon without having to work for it) and free level 12 Boosters for both resources without having to work for it. Tack on the fact they intend to add yet another Building plot to our towns in the coming weeks(German servers got it today if I'm not mistaken) that if the spot happens to be Red(and not Blue, Yellow or heaven forbid Black), then my strategy is even easier to execute as I'll have yet another spot for a reducer(aka Wine Press) or a Forester since Building Material is always an issue and people can't have enough of it(plus it really helps with donating that I was a pretty good at doing). My strategy is very passive and defensive in nature but it works extremely well. An aggressive player would pose an issue in terms of moving resources around(since blockades/occupations block that post Bureaucracy) but so long as you don't piss anyone off, it can be a pretty solid Trading Empire within a certain area.