Dear Santa Forge 3: It can't be coal again, again could it?

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    Ikariam team

    • Dear Santa Forge 3: It can't be coal again, again could it?

      Make your wishes this holiday season people

      Dear Santa Forge,

      For years, I have been being a good buh..... reasonably decent boy. I did my chores... I brushed my teeth... I remembered to feed my children....

      but every time I write my little letter and ask for a little something-something for us traders/bankers/suppliers out here trying to elevate the depth of the war and social game... Nothing!

      Oh! You eat my cookies though... You love those cookies don't ya.
      What do I get?!?!

      Coal's not even a luxury resources in the game! I can't even sell this crap at MosCo...

      No Large Capacity Freighter....
      No extra Trade Ships to play with... ( Peddle your Pheonician's elsewhere. You make the toys that expensive, kids can buy the whole set! )
      No special financial based leadership position...

      I've got one more wish Santa Forge, and I can truthfully say, if it doesn't come true.... I don't know if I can believe in you anymore.
      I'll be eating all those cookies to myself, falling asleep Christmas night with sadness in my heart. Forever forgetting the joy of hearing your Gamedeers dashing through seasonal snow graphics in my dreams.

      Did I lay it on thick enough? I hope so...

      So, could we please have a building where Alliance members can deposit contributions ( Gold/Goods) to a war bank to be withdrawn later when activated by the leader... or new a leadership position created to facilitate this :phatgrin: and other financial aspects of an alliance. ??????

      Pretty please, with sugar on top!

      p.s. or any of the other previous request will do as well. Thank you Santa Forge.

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