[War Declaration]Duterte (DU30) declares war to Savage (-S-)

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    Ikariam team

    • futile wrote:

      mr -x- wrote:

      what is your name in dionysos? and i will visit you and i assured that i will be beat you!!!
      I sure hope you can, Bad Mr. X.
      If you can't pull it off with your 1 mil TS against a 200k TS player, you are gonna look pretty bad. Especially considering your alliance is trying to pull off a cheap win based on looted resources against the #1 piracy alliance right at evaluation. I guess when you lose 2 wars against an alliance based on Damage Done on the battlefield, you need to take every advantage available to you when you make your terms.

      If I was in DU30, I would be ashamed at the terms you chose.
      futile, stop crying and fight

      Be a man, this ain’t FarmVille
    • futile wrote:

      Well, you will surely prove how great you are by declaring war on an alliance that has already been at war with 4 other alliance for several weeks. I guess you were worried if you waited any longer, you might have to face us full strength and 1v1. I can see why you chose to do it now :lol:

      Since war with you was inevitable anyway, I say the more, the merrier....lol.
      Good day sir futile.

      We in DU30 take this very seriously. This means that we talk pretty much what you guys can feel when we declare war. Like this one that you just finish the war with other alliance. We decided to go since we also cant wait much more as december is coming and we would like to enjoy the month with our families. Savage in the other hand as I know is capable of waging war to multiple alliance so I believe that you guy can do this.

      About the looting scoring we include that because i was informed that all rules (scoring/tactics) must be use so both our alliance will never have any reason when they lose.

      I hope you understand.

      DU30 Leader.

      "You so much as TOUCH kitty's ass, and I'll put a firecracker in your nutsack and blow your balls all over your pants." - Eric Cartman
    • 7marre wrote:

      Dr Weezy wrote:

      See the thing is we like it old fashion. So we won’t accept a guantlet. We rather post it on the boards. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is the way we wanna do it soooo you guys kinda just gotta go by it lol
      No worries. If Aben get's too much work I can take over damage countrol and counting loot, maybe I'll get a bot to do it for me hehe
      Hi 7marre

      What bot?
      Can that be use for work also. Pm me this is irrrlevant to what this thread is all about.

      "You so much as TOUCH kitty's ass, and I'll put a firecracker in your nutsack and blow your balls all over your pants." - Eric Cartman
    • if you have a problem if we go with Vmode well its a part of the game also :)

      i dont think i should go to have trash talk... but its not good...

      lets have war.. i knew we made many points collecting your resources :)

      we have our own tactics sir...just enjoy the war.. again we are just enjoying playing.. if you get angry with us then we apologized. we played on our own tactics :beer:
    • mr -x- wrote:

      lets have war.. i knew we made many points collecting your resources :)

      we have our own tactics sir...just enjoy the war.. again we are just enjoying playing.. if you get angry with us then we apologized. we played on our own tactics :beer:
      Nobody is angry. Pointing out that your Dow is a cheapshot, is not complaining. I think the way you guys are trying to "win" this war, and when you decided to start it is weak and without honor, but you have every right to make terms anyway you like. You have every right to make the terms favor your alliance, and you DEFINITELY did that here. We are fine with that. Win or lose, this war does nothing to prove you are the better alliance. Its tainted in that regard.

      Your pillaging may be what gives you the Victory, we'll see. With evaluation today, I am sure you will be far ahead in the Loot counts for the time being, but we won't cry. Loot is cheaply gotten and easily lost. At the end of this war, -S- will judge you on how well you fought, not how good of a thief you are.

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au
    • Just because you think loot shouldn't be counted in a war doesn't make this war tainted. You guys did the same thing to us, declared war out of nowhere with terms that benefited you and when we asked you to change it you said no, so if anything you are the one having tainted wars not everyone else lol. Pillaging is part of the game, you have to protect your resources if you choose to hoard or participate in piracy. DU30's war seems like it has fair terms and if you think otherwise, that's just your opinion. They are not putting you at any disadvantage, both sides have loot, both sides can be pillaged, just manage your loot better ...
    • we seems that this war is fair. -s- alliance could create large volume of military wherein you have all the highest ranks players... so if we are going to have war that loots is not counted the war will be in favor to you -S-..

      we will protect our resources and -s- will protect also...

      lets enjoy the war... we have warriors having clash also... _S- is strong alliance but let make it fair guys :beer:
    • If you cannot hide your resources then that isn't anybody fault. Also funny cheaters?.......you can believe what you want or not but we still gave you 3-4 days of notice to get your resources down. If we really needed or wanted to cheat we wouldn't haven't even done that. Also This war has been planned since the begin of couple months ago. It wasn't cheating when you guys took advantage of us we were smaller then a fry correct?....seems times have changed like i said

      There is absolutely no reason that you guys cannot hide loot other then you don't want to and for that we will gladly take it from you.

      "I don't know about you guys. It's been my goal since the start of epsilon to kill the server.I enjoy bullying the little guys into inactive status.. pillagin the bigger guys into crying to their alliances, and they quit too. The only rule that has ever applied is "last man standing wins" I intend to win"
      -Napoleon Blown-Apart of Epsilon (Greatest saying ever)
    • I don't think you are cheaters, Dr Weezy.

      I don't think your terms are unfair, or even out of the ordinary. I think your timing is suspect, though.

      I think an alliance who believes they are truly great doesn't need to Dow an alliance already at war with four other alliances for almost a month, and base the terms for victory on STOLEN RESOURCES, a day or two before they know we will dominate in piracy. You CAN do that, sure. Is it fair? Sure, but its weak.

      I always thought that DU30 was an alliance of fighters and real warriors. I guess I just can't seem to reconcile that with how you chose to challenge us this time around.

      I know you. I know what kind of player you are. This doesn't seem like you.

      I expected more from an alliance you lead.

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au

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    • Greetings to the US Dionysos ikariam community,
      First post on this server ...hmmmm...didnt even want to post but i have to, regarding the conversation in this thread.

      We declaired a war with all features of the game included!!!
      We banned nothing!! We just set up a timeline!!!
      And now you say that we benefit from the terms etc.
      Did you read the terms??? There are not any!!! Actually only one!! Include every feature of the game!!!

      I play ikariam for 5 years now and I never ever ever saw a declaration of war not including resources!! Not a single one I repeat!!!
      And then you S guys come and declare wars without resources being included!!!
      That means that you dont like this game....this game is built on resources and everything has to do with gaining more resources and being able to protect them!!! If you cannot protect them then dont have them!!!
      Thats the basic principle in which the game was built and promoted!! thats what everyone likes in this game !! RESOURCES!!!
      so if you dont like this game then dont play it!!!

      Also, it`s something weird telling us we try to benefit from your piracy positioning when you are trying to benefit from it and exclude looting so that you will have endless resources for replenishing army and navy and also continue your growth...
      and we are here to punish that kind of behaviour!!!

      As I see msa and sword lost the war, DW hasnt even posted a combat report for a long time and tic x just declaired a war which you denied at first!!
      So what is stopping you from focusing on our war???
      Lets have a real one and let`s everybody enjoy the game at full capacity!!!
      I believe enough is said !!!

      Let`s see what you got in the battlefield!!!
      Let`s just all stop talking and let the reports do the talking for us!!!

      Hoping for a good, exciting and honourable war from both sides,
      General of DU30

      P.S. I won`t even comment the fact that the "best alliance" in Dionysos needs non-allies to do their dirty work for them (Forever Alone). I will just pass it by and hope something like that never occurs again.
    • How can you cry so much man?

      You know that we are celebrating that a hundred years passed since the end of the WWI where 3 countries fighted almost all the world ?

      They lost of course but they didn’t complaint about nothing like you are doing right now!
      If you want I can talk to the alliance EMI GRATIS to be on your side of the battle