[War Declaration]Duterte (DU30) declares war to Savage (-S-)

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      I’m here to clear up couple things before I get back to the war.

      1.) I can see how you guys think it is a cheap shot and I understand why but what I don’t understand is you wanna dominate piracy and that’s fine. That’s your game to play. You cannot get mad or fault us for fighting you cause (1) This war was planned months ago AND we even told you in war 1 and 2 we would be back. I’m guessing you guys didn’t believe us but that is neither here nor there. It is not a cheap shot and I honestly think that wars without loot is so you can run around and untik you are ready to actually attack. That’s not the case here. Resources included is so when you run we can still create damage. So that if you have resources you will protect your own or go vmode. There is loot can be grabbed on both sides but instead of you guys attacking us also you have made us seem like the bad guys for declaring a war that has been set in stone since ikariam started. Loots have been included in every single server. You guys just decided that YOU don’t wanna include loot cause you play piracy. War is fair all around and this is completely fair.

      2. I am no longer leader of DU30 it is Trez. I’m the HomeSec and I have helped mold this alliance into what it is today. A very very strong ally and if anyone feels to differ there is always the attack button on your screen.

      Let the war continue and if you lose by our terms then you just lose. Just like in real life. When you bully enough times the comeback is a lot more harder


      HomeSec of DU30

      "I don't know about you guys. It's been my goal since the start of epsilon to kill the server.I enjoy bullying the little guys into inactive status.. pillagin the bigger guys into crying to their alliances, and they quit too. The only rule that has ever applied is "last man standing wins" I intend to win"
      -Napoleon Blown-Apart of Epsilon (Greatest saying ever)
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      Every time I post, the response is, "looting is part of the game."

      Of course it is. I have no issue with including looting in the terms, so spin my words anyway you like.

      Maybe you are truly incapable of understanding the subtly of the point I have been making, who knows. Eitherway, the war continues, and at least some of you DU30 guys are out there looking for battles, and doing a fine job of fighting them.

      Keep up the good work, and enjoy all those free resources :beer:

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au
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      Futile why do you have to keep crying. It is not weak to include resources in the war declaration (and you said it is weak) it is part of the game and it has always been, suck it up and deal with it. I don't even know how you can say you are being caught off guard by this war because you just finished a couple of wars when you did literally the exact same thing to us. We did not complain about that we only complained about the terms because you guys love to leave loot out of it and only focus on one aspect of the game, that is weak, if you are truly the best players on this server, then you should have no problem fighting with loot included so stop throwing passive aggressive insults like counting loot is weak or it puts you in a disadvantage and then pretend you didn't say those things. I know you keep saying it's fair and DU30 has every right to do it, but it's also a strong declaration since it has every aspect of the game included in the war and there is no reason to keep making comments, just fight already, you cannot change the terms so there is no reason to keep crying about it or the fact that you just finished two wars. When you keep talking big and pretend you're the best and noone can take you, then it's not a surprise youre gonna be in 5 wars in the same time period. Just prove you truly can beat us all like you all kept saying you could instead of crying. A war that counts loot is a war that will truly test your might.
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      futile wrote:

      Sorry Mask, I had a lot to drink last night, so I wasn't able to get thru the entirety of that giant run on sentence, but I read the last bit:

      Mask wrote:

      . A war that counts loot is a war that will truly test your might.
      You're right, and we WILL win this war.
      Giant run on sentence? I used 8 sentences, are you okay? I think you might still have some alcohol in your system ...
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      Mask, you seem to have a thing for me. You follow me around this forum spouting your nonsense like a little lost puppy.

      You want to stand up to me? You want to shut me up? Come see me in game anytime you want big boy. Give it your best shot.

      I guarantee, just like here on the forum, I will wipe the floor with you.

      But like most whiny little puppies, you don't have the guts to face a real man. Do you?

      SOUL-Tau / White Lotus-Alpha.au
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      what? bro are you okay? I reply to incorrect statements from S members, it just happens to be you most of the time, don't take it so personal lol and I like how you think you're wiping the floor with me, if every arguments has a winner and loser to you then everything becomes personal and that's a slippery slope ... and like usual you are taunting me and throwing insults around but I won't stoop down to your level, I'm not here to attack you or anyone else, I'm here to state my opinion on our alliance and S and the wars not individuals. I would suggest you do the same, it doesn't look good when you throw out insults and taunt like a 5th grader ...
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      Yall keep talking about the loot every freaking time we respond , understand that that is the least of my concerns , if DU30 wants to include it , they can . We dont care nor it represents superiority for us in no means or shows any skill to steal wood and wine from empty enemy cities. It just doesn't. Skill for us is to be able to coordinate an attack , wave in and out , understanding ratios , predictions , how the battlefield works and how units function in every way , not every player can do that .
      Every player could steal resources from a player thats not looking or thats offline . I am not saying it is not fair i am saying we dont find it fun , interactive between 2 players nor it takes ANY ammount of skill . Loot should be managed you say ? thats a fair answer , but it doesnt neglect the fact that looting is not the same as fighting . Du30 has some good fighters , i am not gonna denny that , my issues are not their abilities , are their personalities .
      If you guys want to count every resource stolen the same way as every point of damage thats just mindnumbing to me , but hey its your rules , and your terms , everyone can declare the war they want to win its the lesson to learn here.

      Question for another day , IF we were to declare a war based on who has the most members placed on top 10 of piracy , would that be unfair ? it is part of the game right ? what if we declared a war like that 2 days before evaulation day , and all of us place in top ten ? Is it convinent for us and a low blow ? it might be a stronger declaration cause it includes every aspect of the game ? lmao .

      How are we going to pretend that declaring war on us , on the timming they did is not convinent to them at all ? we have been fighting for literally weeks , constantly defending and attacking different alliances , while they peacefully prepared for this declaration. No need to denny this , the graphs show the evident build up.
      I know we are hated among every alliance and everyone enjoys to have our responses and then call us salty or cry babies , but lets not make it too obvious haha. Lets look at the facts
      Savage has been in wars for several weeks , du30 has not done anything for weeks but prepare and build up , this is solid facts. Not our opinion, and failing to see this just shows how pointless it is for us to argue with anybody here with such a biased attitude
      No other alliance in the server could have been able to do what we did , but we arent going to get any victories recognized in this forum , cause we are publicly "the bullies" its all good , we have nothing to prove and the only friends we need are inside of savage already.

      Personally this is going to be my last post in this forum regarding this topic , simply because i dont like DU30 peopple nor the interactions generated from them.
      Everyone like to argue with us and fight with us cause we are the fun kids to play with in the park .Once , an old enemy that later became a friend in this game told me "I know you like me cause without me you would have nobody else to play with" and that is true , We literally sparked the forum back to life , wether u like it or no. Savage is the fire of the server and everyone enjoys hating us , it gives a purpose to the troops you build , to the hate posts and the drama. To the sulfur conolnies hahaha .
      This war will be a long one for us , we are not going to be prioritizing DU30 most likely , we need to close out war with MsA still , after that we might ignore duo and rebuild and focus on economy .

      PS. Mask you have done NOTHING all this war but post in the forums some Savage hate , jeez hahaha. Even phandalver or Nero would have a way to say something in this , but not you hahaha.

      Enjoy the arguments , im not going to feed the troll for a while .
      -S- General

      Be savage , Not Average :beer: :beer: :beer:

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      its the alliance problem if they cant protect their resources...

      it is a war... it include resources to stole,,, if we control their resources they cant easily make a troops

      lets make some spice in our war and have fun.... it is better to include loots for fair,,, because we also protect our resources from our enemies....

      enjoy everyone :beer: :beer: