[War Declaration]Duterte (DU30) declares war to Savage (-S-)

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      chickens bomb the us while we have a "discompetent president" causes overall excitement (and pushed bye president) economic crash,

      New days come new president rebuilds. economy up jobs up and overall general wealth of common people is back up.

      new day comes new president (yet to be determined if good or bad0 no new wars same old ones

      how is DU30 any different then the 911 attackers?
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      First point, 911 what obviously something made with the knowledge of the government. 5 different intelligence agencies warrant yours about an imminent attack.
      Those 25 terrorist where in the “black list” of every security agency 7 months before the attacks.

      Obviously, was not made directly by your government.
      But they do knew it and permit it so they can invade Irak for an attack made by Saud Arabic terrorist (?

      Also, does anybody really believe that an passport can soport an airplane crash, appear in the street. Be noticed by a firefighter all this before the towers go down

      Second, what is the relation between DU30 and 911?