-WAR- vs -RNR- NAP

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    • -WAR- vs -RNR- NAP

      Our conflict with -RNR- started when they attacked most of our players in a surprise attack meant to start a war. At that time they were more than twice -WAR-'s size and higher ranked. The surprise attack wasn't in response to any aggression we were showing them, but as a challenge due to our defeating HELL and rising reputation on the server as a result.

      In the war, -WAR- decimated -RNR- over nearly 2 months of fighting and the pillaging that rewarded our success. After 1/3 of their alliance was banned, we thought that both that event and the weeks of being beaten might start having negative effects on their membership and offered a truce via an NAP.

      In this NAP, it was agreed that there wouldn't be any attacks unless to respond to a pirate raid and then only a 1vs1 and only 3 attacks. It was also agreed that -RNR- would pay -WAR- a penalty for losing the war, which we seen as a method of encouraging future wars but also encouraging them to be more contest than conquest.

      -RNR- has to date, failed to pay a single player even an initial payment, nearly 40 days after the NAP was agreed to. -RNR- has also attacked several -WAR- players, even in 2vs1 & 3vs1 fashion. They have also attacked without just cause. This happening once or twice is a management issue, happening several times over a period of weeks, is a membership determined to act out aggression.

      As for these reasons and these conditions, we regretfully will be rescinding the NAP with this notice stating it is no longer in affect.

      "I consider myself a road man for the lords of karma."

      Hunter S. Thompson