SWP CRs for All Weeks

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    • SWP CRs for All Weeks

      CR Reporting for: SERVER WAR !!! by Participation

      Because we will have a lot of battle reports, please do the following (and use the other thread for **** talking other participants):

      1. Each week create a new post for yourself and throughout the week, edit the post to add all your CR.
      2. If you attack in a group, each player adds a copy of the CR to their post (ie: there will be duplicates of the same CR, but ranking is based on the individual not the team)
      3. Once the week ends, and you participate in the next week, create a new post for that week.

      Additionally add your total damage points, pillage points (1 pillaged resources = 1 point), and total number of attacks (both naval and land) next to your name on the spreadsheet:

      You're responsible for reporting all your CRs on this thread and on the spreadsheet. Additionally link your post for the week to your name on the spreadsheet.
      Others may help you along with this, but they are not responsible for the work.

      ~ Knuckles
    • All CRs for Week: Nov 26 - Dec 2.99 (because the war ends on Sunday 24:00:00 game time)

      Will edit and add all CRs (and group CRs that I participate in) while adding up the total and reporting my totals on the spreadsheet.

      Current Totals (these will be recorded on the spreadsheet):
      Damage: 0
      Pillage: 0
      Attacks: 0

      ALL CRS for this Week Posted Below: