Raid (capture points)

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    Ikariam team

    • Raid (capture points)

      Hello guys!

      Havent played the game in some years and now I just started so I have a newbie-lame question and I am hoping I am asking it at the right place!

      ^^ Can you make a raid and capture points from someone who is under a godly protection?

      Also now I am playing mostly from my phone but I have the possibility to play from a computer as well, is it easier and is there a lot more things that you can do from a computer than from a phone?

    • If I'm not wrong, than you can capture pirate points from somebody who is under godly protection.

      90% of my game time I play from my phone, but I'm not using ikariam app, but chrome browser app to play and for me it's the same as playing from pc. Ikariam app I'm using only for notifications.