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    Ikariam team

    • First Post!

      I took the cherry on this forum! lol
      I play for fun. I don't sweat the petty chit, nor pet the sweaty chit. Proud to be a Member of -Z- on Boreas and Eunomia, but keep in mind it's just a freaking game, lol.
      Say Hello to Tris, My Wife and I's Rescue Cat. Mess with Us, She'll claw Yer eyes out 8^)
    • Soupy2 wrote:

      Holy crap! There is LITERALLY no one on this server. There are only 11 islands occupied...TOTAL!
      Exaggerating just a bit don't you think? Number of players, for the youngest server, is a bit concerning but it's been stated that Ikariam and Browser Games in general are going extinct. Now if you meant 11 island clusters, then you might have a point since the number of "active" accounts(when VM and inactives are factored in) are probably no more than 500 in total. Conservatively speaking, I'd peg actual accounts at around 300 or so when Multi's are removed. While one would prefer a number at least 10 times that, its nothing compared to what servers in the past had to deal with. Granted, for conflict's sake, it'd be nice to have a healthy server population since for each Cultural Treaty = one less target. While I don't like the idea of adding a third form of satisfaction(besides Government), it may get to a point where we have no choice.