Declaration -IKS Vs DWOOD

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    Ikariam team

    • Declaration -IKS Vs DWOOD

      Hello everyone, good morning, Good evening or Good night, since last year they attacked first, pillaged our lower players, occupied them, blocked them, using the excuse that they where leeching.... we tried to negotiate with the Diplomat and had non positive response, we actually got into a non aggression pact and it was not Honored by DWOOD, For that and just because we would like to make it official we now declare war against DWOOD.

      Terms to end:

      1. First alliance to 10 mil (Damage only)

      2 - Either side surrenders.

      War begins on Jan 17 19:00:00 game time.

      You have 3 days to prepare...


      Gordos, -IKS- Leader.