Brand New Boards Coming 02/14/2019

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    You can find new board on address:
    Please register there to continue with usage.

    Old forum is in read only mode and will stay like that for some time

    Ikariam team

    • Brand New Boards Coming 02/14/2019

      With the upgrade to WBB5, we have some big changes coming to our community boards.

      What we do know:
      • The new forum will go live on 14.02.2019 (some time around 10:00 game time).
      • If you want an account in the future forum of Ikariam, you will have to register in that new forum moving forward. Accounts will not be moved.
      • The old forums will remain in read-only mode. After that point until 28.03.2019, any really important content (user guides for example or introduction posts) they want to keep users will have to manually posted to the new boards.
      This is simply a new forum, in a new place, with a new URL, and new software. No content will be imported from any of the old forums, no accounts, etc. If you'd like to discuss the move, please see the following thread.

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