Calculating your Income

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  • Calculating your Income

    Overview originally by Lairya, translated into English and edited by Merlin

    How is the total amount of gold you gain per hour calculated?

    If you check your town hall, it will tell you your Housing Occupancy.

    E.g. 450 / 542 Inhabitants

    For every inhabitant of your town you get 4 per hour.

    Effectively however only the citizen increase the income by 4 .


    Per scientist 12 per hour are subtracted. The researcher still adds 4 to your income so effectively he only costs 8

    and because:

    Per worker 4 per hour is subtracted from your income. Since the worker still adds the 4 to your income he costs no gold but doesn't raise your gold income either.

    Military units cost hourly depending on what unit. Check the FAQ for - - the exact cost or check it in your Barracks.

    !!!Note!!! The gold income is calculated for all your Poli (towns) together, therefore click on the gold coins next to your gold amount in menu on the top of the site to check your total finances.

    But how are they calculated?

    Calculating the Income per Hour would be:

    [Income per Hour] = [Amount of citizen in all cities] * (4) - [Amount of scientists in all cities] * (8)

    Calculating the Expenses per hour:

    [Expenses per hour] = [Amount of Units 1] * [Price of Units 1] + [Amount of Units 2] * [Price of Unit 2] + ... + [Amount of Units n] * [Price of Units n]

    Calculating the Amount:

    [Income per Hour] - [Expenses per hour]

    An example:
    Total amount of Inhabitants of all your cities: 1400 / 1965 (not needed)
    Citizen: 900
    Workers wood: 200 (not needed)
    other Workers: 200 (not needed)
    Scientists: 100

    Income per Hour: (900) * (4) - (100) * (8) = 3600 - 800 = 2800

    Expenses per hour: Let's say the expeses are 300.

    Amount: 2800 - 300 = 2500

    Please note that it can happen that you get a bit less gold than calculated!

    (by) Lord Doom
    Fear the Magic!