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Ikariam team

  • thechris58 -

    i have 2 forges but both active at same time so how do people with more than 2 do it keep it from turning on both

  • govindo -

    I see no posts of IMP in his own guestbook, Being a mod, I think he is not moderating his own g-book

  • Delka -

    With this keyboard my signing of your guestbook appears via this and that internet! And a PM might be coming your way.


  • Zacharias -

    This guestbook needed a post by me, because if it did not have one, then no one would bother to read it. :thumbsup:

  • Kimber -

    Hey Imp!


  • DjKing -

    Hi :) :)
    Can you sign my guestbook, hope so!!

  • Griggs -


    [color=#660000][b]Hope that helps you, IU.[/b][/color][/align]

  • Bugmeat -