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  • Mickay Mouse -

    Do you ever wonder...

    never mind.

    I know the answer.

  • Caption This -

    [url='']I Got Better[/url]

  • Sneaky Hell Hound -

    email me at [email][/email] and i will give you the account information.

    good luck you you all.

    this is your account anyways.

    so i m giving it back to ya

  • Psychopath -


  • IrishRedz -


    haha jk :beer:

  • Pirate Mickey -

    I was away. I moved to someplace rural (VA) and had no internet connection for awhile. When I re-connected, I had over 800 unread emails and several messages from Ikariam saying my peasants were celebrating my absence with wild decadent parties at my expense. Lesson: don't leave your credit card info with your townsfolk. I thought they'd use it for cannonballs and bags of rice, not...well, I won't say it here.

  • Pirate Mickey -


    I'm lucky to be back at all. I have to be careful.

  • Pirate Mickey -

    Thanks! Too many to remember, but I'm purposely not revealing a couple until I'm retired for sure. :ninja2

    • Kimber -

      Oh really? :huh:

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  • McNuggle -


    'nuff said.

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  • mvprockstar -

    German Grind Core?

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