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  • King -

    I have looked it up but over the last few years I see new rules and things changing. Can you please tell me the rules for this year on giving away a account? I have been a big buyer and am quiting the game because of life issues so I want to make sure my friend that is not on the same ip won't get my account banned or if it is safe if I never log on again.... I'm trying to give him a big boost in power by letting him have my account forever. I'm hoping to leave my friend with a good Fair well gift.

    Thank you for your help I will definitely appreciate it.

  • Elesis -


    NEW HERE, i just want to ask if there's any tutorial on how to use this page?
    i mean this whole thing , it's like i'm lost here....
    can somebody please help me?

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    Since it's always my fault I might as well dance while here....

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