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  • ImGabzkie24 -

    Hello boss, Merry Christmas to you and Happy Holidays! i just want to asked something?..how long does ghost town will be gone or deleted?

  • ODST -

    [font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif'][size=24][size=18]ODST WAZ HERZ[/size][/size][/font]

  • Aj The Epic -

    And thus hath doth wall been graced with a most holy presence.

    You don't get a lot of visitors, do you?

    • Heather -

      Nah, probably because I never notice when someone's left me a message, so I don't usually reply. :) I only just spotted this one. I don't tend to visit my own profile very often.

  • Zullu -


    P.S. I dub thee a goober for a short time only! Enjoy it while the gooberness lasts!

  • bamcbix -

    lol which one? xP

  • DeltaDuke -


  • The Goddess Bob -

    :miffy: That was for the cooties remark....

  • McNuggle -

    Nuggle waz here...