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  • Jesse -

    I pop out of retirement for a quick checkup and your no where to be seen? It's like you have a life outside of ikariam or something :P

  • PsYcHoTiGeR -

    mew mew

  • Kaleg Nar -

    Out of curiosity, why do you not allow the "last activity" to be seen by users? (Answer or face my wrath as I hide the nom noms ;))

    Anyways, hoping things are going good for you though they appear to be busy.

  • Psychopath -


  • Turkeh -

    Teeeeeeeeenks! :D How are you dude?

  • Gotenks -

    The game has really changed but yet at the same not at all huh? So much nostalgia looking back ^^

  • Turkeh -

    I do not tells you dat!

    @govindo: it's a turkeh face eyes, nostrils, and wattle


  • govindo -

    Most of your posts I see, at last "--83".
    What does it mean?

  • bamcbix -

    Blasphemy!!!! She told me the same! :cook-ani:

  • TheKeeper -

    [quote='Turkeh','index.php?page=UserGuestbook&userID=48170&entryID=739#comment739']HEY! WHAT WE SAY ABOUT NOMMING TURKEHS? >:83[/quote]

    I believe you told me that I was the only one that was allowed to do it.

    :cook-ani: :turkeydance:

  • TheKeeper -


    /me noms :turkeydance:

  • bamcbix -

    :huh: didn't know that :P

  • Turkeh -

    Bambi a :dove: <--that's a white chicken. He go to :vmode:

  • bamcbix -


    Cya. Have a safe trip...

    :ship: :island:

  • URBANFighter -

    My doctors are not the same as others; my doctors are females.Therefore, they make much better effect on wounded soldiers. 8-)

    And by the way, you broke guestbook garrison limit! :grumble:
    I got full reserves and forges on three different islands.

    So after couple of rounds, you will be like :hail:

  • Turkeh -

    [align=right] [/align]

    [align=center] :swordsman: :swordsman: :swordsman: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :swordsman: :swordsman: :swordsman: [/align][align=center] :marksman: :marksman: :marksman: :marksman: :marksman: :marksman: :marksman: [/align][align=center] :bombadier: :bombadier: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :ram: :gyrocopter: :gyrocopter: [/align][align=center] :cook: (pst nobody uses doctors)
    [/align][align=center] :ares: :forge:

    :attack: :highscore: :dove:

    :/ you gonna takes moar damages.

  • URBANFighter -

    URBAN Corps taking control over your guestbook, Turkeh! :pump:

    [align=center] :forge:

    :doctor: :cook:
    :bombadier: :bombadier: :mortar: :mortar: :mortar: :gyrocopter: :gyrocopter:
    :marksman: :marksman: :marksman: :marksman: :marksman:
    :swordsman: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :hoplite: :swordsman:
    [align=center]I think :borg: but still wanna see showdown. :evilgrin:[/align]

  • Bugmeat -


  • LadyRed -


  • LadyRed -


  • bamcbix -


    Fight chainsaws with chainsaws

    :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :chainsaw:

    Just I has MORE!!!!!!!

  • bamcbix -


  • bamcbix -

    *stabbles* D: you attack mah guestbook and expect no retaliation? D:

  • Bugmeat -


  • Psychopath -


  • Turkeh -

    :D Fanks for the groovy photo utex! :D <me shares some cakes>

  • utexasrocks -


  • Turkeh -

    <noms happily on almond creams cake and then notices bambi has declared war on her guestbook> <bans bambi for excessive use of smileys and then death lasers the smileys winning the war>

  • bamcbix -

    *starts a war on Turkeh's Guestbook*

    :sniper: :minigun: :minigun: :stick: :stick: :dash: :chainsaw: :chainsaw: :missilelauncher: :missilelauncher: :rocketlauncher: :rocketlauncher: