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  • Soupy2 -

    Hey brother, you still playing? If so, I have an account that just opened with a ton of troops and ambrosia.

    We are in the middle of a war and I need someone who can really kick ass to take it over.


    No problem bro :)

  • RezaGard -

    Love the avatar and the sig bro. First time I saw your posts and profile, thought of my Dad (R.I.P.), who loved to watch Chuck Norris movies all day while he was dying from cancer. Thanks mate. :thumbsup:

  • Clap -

    [b][align=center]The one who honor god,
    God will honor :hail: [/align][/b]

  • masterjayboy12 -

    SUCK NORRIS :lolbash:

  • masterjayboy12 -


    Go Chuck

  • kickassgirl -

    Go go go [img][/img]