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  • The Goddess Bob -

    Reila, we miss you!!! Come back to us soon. :(

  • McNuggle -

    Dear Reilas Diary, Feb 4 2011

    Yet again my dear friend Relia fails to understand that all Canadian stereotypes are true and perhaps even understated. He doesn't even know what this is all aboot...

  • McNuggle -

    Dear Reilas Diary, Jan 14 2011

    Tis a cold day today. I only wonder how much colder it is for my dear Canadian friend... Anyways I had a good breakfast today, the eggs lacked the wholesome butter flavour that I have come to love. Well my time is short I leave you with this.... [color=#006600][size=14][b]HAI REILA!!!![/b][/size][/color]

    ~McNuggle The Thrice Hacked~

    • Reila -

      Not everywhere in Canada gets super cold. :cookie: