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Ikariam team

  • Bain -

    Hey there, ol' leader from Chi! How have you been?

  • Spidey Taak -

    Watch me get banned for calling out a shi tty mod for doing their jobv 3 weeks too fu cking late. I wonder if I can get away commenting here and deliberately bypassing the swear filters and still get warned for this? Only one way to find out. We shoukld totally just shift to the German boards, at least there we can vent once ina while and the mods won'rt take it as a personnal affront and toss out a warning for no real reason other then they want to piss off their last few board users here and make it even more dead then it already is. If I get banned,m you know where to contact me ingame!

  • MosXerO -

    I wrote " I want a Kaleg Nar for Christmas" on my list to Santa. Fingers Crossed lol

    • Kaleg Nar -

      I'll make sure to be there. But to ensure I go to the right house, I'm gonna need some info.

      Mother's maiden name.
      Zip code.
      Credit card number.
      Credit card security code.
      Bank account number.
      Favorite password.
      Social security number.
      And any other pertinent details.

  • Kaleg Nar -

    Nah, @MosXerO, I left Ikariam a while ago amd I don't have any plans as of now to return. I just hang out in the spam here and there.

  • MosXerO -

    Hey Brother, you still kicking around Ny these days?

  • Gιαɴɴιѕ -

    This place looks familiar to me.

  • Kaleg Nar -

    But Aragorn, what if I do get scared? 8|

    And where is this Ouija board thread?

  • Lord_Aragorn -

    Kaleg currently browses Ouija board thread.

    Don't get scared bro. 8-)

  • Cool King -

    :missilelauncher: My first post ever on a guest book :thumbsup:

  • Kaleg Nar -