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  • Kaleg Nar -

    Nah, @MosXerO, I left Ikariam a while ago amd I don't have any plans as of now to return. I just hang out in the spam here and there.

  • MosXerO -

    Hey Brother, you still kicking around Ny these days?

  • Gιαɴɴιѕ -

    This place looks familiar to me.

  • Kaleg Nar -

    But Aragorn, what if I do get scared? 8|

    And where is this Ouija board thread?

  • Lord_Aragorn -

    Kaleg currently browses Ouija board thread.

    Don't get scared bro. 8-)

  • Cool King -

    :missilelauncher: My first post ever on a guest book :thumbsup:

  • Kaleg Nar -